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the first door difference

One Local Shop's Big Dream


When the Owner of Pizza Time Approached First Door...

it was with a dream: to make enough of a profit increase to justify moving to a new location with better seating for his guests. 

First Door was overjoyed to join with Pizza Time in helping to make that dream a reality.

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Pizza Time started their time with First Door making an average of $5,500 in gross sales on a weekly basis. By the end of the first quarter with First Door, we grew to an average gross profit of around $7,800 per week.


We were also able to smash the previous weekly sales records by pushing one week to $9,500 together. 


Those kinds of numbers just aren’t achievable with other marketing agencies because they’re doing their best to automate your business into their model. They’ll do as little work as possible to get you the promised posts. 


Pizza Time experienced the real First Door difference - we joined the Pizza Time team, made them locally famous, and adjusted weekly based on where sales landed. Quick adjustments to sales trends meant that profits rose. 

In Q2 of 2023, Pizza Time signed a lease agreement to fulfill that dream - a new location is coming for Pizza Time because of their profit increase with First Door.


Pizza Time’s story could be the story of your business, too.


So many businesses are struggling to see their profits rise. So many business owners are too overworked to focus on a digital strategy that works.


First Door will join your team and focus on your profits like we have for Pizza Time - and we’ll do it all for less than you’ll pay a part-time minimum wage employee


Click the button below to see how First Door can help your business grow!

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